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I have got some little opportunities to steps of dream little buy little and day by day.

I have got some little opportunities to steps of dream little buy little and day by day.

2020-10-12 06:00:00

I got up 6 in this morning.

I did billioners morning routines little bit.

I have done to ride on aero bycle twice in a day.

First is in mornig, the second is before having a dinner.

So I just want to loose my weight more.

I do not get musles now.


I had business meeting with my business partner about my farthers matters of selling his products on the internet web site.

So my farther said he wanted to get into the seriously battle of selling the products with lots of money so he said it could be easy to invest to advertising cost and some strategies of selling more products on the internet.

It is realy good chance for me to get more money.

Because if he could pay for advertising and other way to be able to sell more, the company products are going to be sold more absolutely.

I and my partner have the tactics of it.

But it needs some moeny anyway.

I thank god so much.

The thing happened here is seemed to be little change.

But the little change is gonna be big one.

Any waves are little at the far a way from beach. But while it is getting closer to the beach, it is gonna be biger.

It is TSUNAMI featuer.

Any dreams are had chances that are all little signals.

But we have to find even little chancechange.

We try and then figure out if it is big chancenot.

If there is a chance that is seemed big clearly, we tend to expect it had come then we get big reultsuccess.

We tend to get betrayed by ourselfe expections.

The chance has no fault.

We just trusted Arbitraly.

So even if any chances seem to be little. I have to have thank and try to take.

No take something. No get result even bad.

But good thing is in bad one.

I believe it.

Because I think there is nothing good thing is happened every time we try.

Bad thingbad results are very ofen happend on me.

I thinf it means bad thing bad results make me stronger to make me have so much fun in any situations.

I do not have to care about something in front of me is bad oe good.

I just take it then try it. I will figure out the thing is goodnot.

But bad tinig is in good thing as well.

Good one is good, bad one is also good.

There is no bad thing.

Because it is going to be important my experienses after all anyway.


ハリウッドスターと言えば英語は必須!誰もがわかることですが、僕は高校生の時から数万人の前で英語でスピーチをしていることを目標にしていました。 たぶん世の中をよくするために人々に何か伝えているのでしょう。なので、英語も日本で上達することは簡単だと思っていますので、毎日の努力を配信しています。

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