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I still can keep on striving but it is in a bland atitude.

I still can keep on striving but it is in a bland atitude.

2020-10-14 06:00:00

I got up 6 in this moring.

I have not writen this blog for 34 days but I can keep on waking up ealier and striving even if I did not writ this blog.


I tended to have to be hurry to get my dreamgrow myself to make igt come true.

But I am just what I am now.

I do not tend to compare with anyone.

I decided that I have lots of fun with striving by myselfe.

Why the reason of taht  I do not write this blog but I strive every day is I just pretend to be a man who just does strives as a constantly and usualy , matter of a course.

So when if I did not compaer with anyone since, I am so doing everything in a bland atitude.

So I just beliave the chance will come defenittely.

Only one thing I believe is the chance is comming lately.

I have lots of fun to grow myselfe.

I do not have to be so hard.

I do not have to be strengthen too much.

If any life is once in this world. I think it is absolutelly gonna be a truth and real about any people who have done strives for them dream.

They have the of course rights to get the dreams untill they are die.

I believe it.

Because anythings around me have not been changed dig in a quick in front of me.

Anythings are chaging little by little every day as I do not realise.

If I have done my thing I have to do. The chance is gonna be in front of me as easy as I can caputuer.

I believe my dream and myselfe.

I will Be the light for the people and the world.


ハリウッドスターと言えば英語は必須!誰もがわかることですが、僕は高校生の時から数万人の前で英語でスピーチをしていることを目標にしていました。 たぶん世の中をよくするために人々に何か伝えているのでしょう。なので、英語も日本で上達することは簡単だと思っていますので、毎日の努力を配信しています。

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