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Feel fear every morning. I am 39 years old so I feel fear.

Feel fear every morning. I am 39 years old so I feel fear.

2020-10-15 05:00:00

I got up 5:30 in this morning.

I did some morning routines taht rich guys billionors do every morning.

I am already 39 years old.

I have always had little faers whne I wake up morning.

Then I ask myself about my life.

I have wolked far a way from my dream way?

I do not make my company big like my farther.

I have not done gioodgreat thing for my dream.

I am weak.

I am doing just little.

But I changed little bit.

I wake up ealier every morning.

It is seemed to be useless for my dream.

It is jsut selfish satisfaction for myselfe.

I am stronger little more than yesteday.

I am weak to take some actions of my dream directory.

But I have tried to change little bit every day.

I do litttle thing every day.

I do little.

Even little I do is seemed useless.

I am 39 years old.

But I have dream.

It is embarasing.

It is that I want to be a super celebrity.

Then I am going to make a website that is entered with 2 billions members with paying for 1000 yen per year.

So I get 20 billions yen every year.

Then I use the money for helping people somewhere of the world.

So I have to be the great man celebrity person who can have confidence and trust from lots of people to pay the money.

But I think my dream way is wrong? But I do not if it is that.

Even if if it is, I will strive for the dream today.

This is I can do for my dream.

I want to get this wolrd better.

I have the mission to do it. It is jsut my selfish objection of my life.

I am weak.

So that. I strive today because I am weak.

I just want to get stronger to be what I want to be.

Take my fears away with my strivings.

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