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I was realy realy feeling so happy yesterday. I got so big trenth from his word.

I was realy realy feeling so happy yesterday. I got so big trenth from his word.

2020-10-16 06:00:00

I got up 6 in this morning.

It was bit late.

Because I wached the footage of Walking Dead that was made from america, contents was as dead people eat human then infect usual peaple trurn to Zonbi dead person who eats alive human.

It was so interested for me. So last night and day before yesterday night, I was waching it untill midnight.

So I was waking bit late so...


I and my life partner went to drive around ging to shrine and walking around there.

After that we went golf practicing.

I had felt so happy with talking to him about our dream and actions we will do from now in his car.

We talked so long about our dream.

He decided to come to live at so close place from where I live on December 2019.

He left almost his thing he had exprience and relationships from his job he used to before.

He had just cometo be with me for doing our objection together.

I was so proud of his actions.

So we sometime work together. But almost job we do each other have been separated.

He made his job get money by himselfe from he has nothing with any experience of new thing as he does now.

So he and I was going to try to do for our dream actions, whne we got pretty much money.

And I decided to do it when I was a holly wood starsuper celebrity.

So I thought it was not time to do for the world.

But I thought recently that I did not do even little for some people who were anxious about living , money, and more some proplems.

I thought I was not ready. Because I am not super celebrity.

I thought I ddi nothing and I had no power of changing them with what I am now.

So I strive to wake ealier and training , singin practice.

I strie to get more population and reptation to give more living power to them.

But my life partner said why I thought I was not still celebrity person.

He said I did super special thing then I got praised and thanked a lot.

He saw me in front of what I did to lots of people at some events and other thing.

So he said the time is already here and always here right here.

I realised that I was waiting for if something is come real.

It is if I have done to get rich. It is to be a holly wood star super celebrity.

It is if I have to be done automatically FX transaction .

It is if I have something for that I thought I got ready to do my dream.

I was wrong all.

I did not do anything strive to do for people.

I strive to get rich and super celebrity like holly wood star.

But I it is just a one of element to give big power to people.

I have not done anything I can do right now.

I have just rethought about my action of the dream.

So I and him decided to do thing we can do.

We can walking around a city of poverty.

This is only to walk around but it is bit denger.

But we can do without money.

We do not take any actions.

This is about time to get closer to our goal.

Change my mind.

Change all of our mind.

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