I have felt better when if I had training with dancing.

I have felt better when if I had training with dancing.

2020-11-03 05:00:00

I got up 5;40 in this morning.

I had been feeling pretty afraid about my life and if I will be able to make my dream be truenot.

But I really did not want to stop my step forwaord even the step is just a bit little distance.

I have recently had some training efforts at my room with some weights wearing on the arms and legs.

Then I dance for 10 minits20 minits.

It is so hard to keep on dancing with them wearing on.

But I think my life and my feelings go on better. If I do dance.

I just like dance so I do not think if it is gonna be a big my business.

In a recent dancing business and and dancing trends toward in Japan.

But dancing for me is that I just want to keep on doing.

I do not if my dance business gose well then makes lots of money.

But I recently think what thing of entertaiments I most like to do is probaly dancing.

I go up with dancing anyway.

So If I got some dancing entertaiment job , I have to be ready for taking it anytime as I can show with my best.

The traning is realy hard but I want to get better so I just do it.

I have to take away the fear on my mind.

Now. This is the best way to take it away with dancing.

And I am going to traial lesson of singing like a vocal traning tomorrow.

So it is gonna be a fun I hope.



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