I have thanked to everything every single morining.

I have thanked to everything every single morining.

2020-11-12 06:00:00

I got up 6 in this moring.

If I got up at 6. It was seemed to be little bit margin time for me.

But I normally want to get up 5half past 5 in everuy morning anyway.

I usually do rich guys morning routines as soon as after waking up.

But I changed the contents of rich guys routinens as only my own originality.

I used to say thank of my dream come true in my futuer thne I used to give my imagin vision to the sky.

But I have left them so I have done it as that I just say so much thank to the sky.

I have my future thought imagins in my mind.

I just thought I have to lots of thank about I am here, I am alive today, I will have good thing today probably.

I do not take my dream away from my life.

But I need to more big thankful about everything and every people.

I love my selfe when if I do it.

So that I will love others all.

This is most important thing whne I am on the way to my goal.

I jsut realised new thing so I put this realization thing in my morning routiens.

I have had traning pretty hard almost everyday. I do not traning when I got felt so tired.

But I have more traning about dancing, singing.

Because they are something I can do for my dream.

I do not the thing is gonna get closer to my dreammake me so famouce guy all over the world.

But I have been back to be what I used to be like before 3 years that is when I realised I gotta stand up by myself.

I am beome backing like that with other mind so I thoguht I grow up and got better than before.

I have friends, I have companions, I have other relationships, I have other thing I and my partner will try from now on.

So I have been grown with others more over than before.

Thanks every thing. Thanks my life. Thanks all of things in this world.

I will be the light for the people and the world.


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