I and my life partner is planning to Tanegashima pretty soon.

I and my life partner is planning to Tanegashima pretty soon.

2020-11-19 07:00:00

I got uo 6:20 in this morning.

It was bit later than what time I wake up recentry.

But I got pretty drunk yesterday....with my life partner.

We had Golf lesson together where I used to have loeesons before.

Then we went to Takoyaki shop where we can drink some alcoholes cheap.

I and him did not have anytihng to eat while we were driking so I hung over ittle bit and was hard to wake up ealier....


We had business meeting at there to advance the business matter together.

So this business is one of thing of what we want to do for our dream.

We will have to make website for the customers who live in Tanegashima , farming some vegies.

I and him are so looking forwad to go there.

Anyway I have to go ome my customers place to have meetings today.

I got take away these hunging over as soon as posible....

Thanks !!

I am going well to wake up and work and try to get closer to our dream.


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