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I did it again....

I did it again....

2020-09-23 06:00:00

I got up 6:00 am in this morning.

I and my life partner went to have a business meeting together yesterday.

After that. we went to have some alcoholes.

We were going to go back home ealier but we finaly drunk togerther untill mid night.

I drunk untill mid night but I could wake up ealier so I am getting use to waking up ealier even if I drunk to late.

But I did not tell my wife I was drinking.

So I probabry made her up set little bit.


I thought I made my promiss and desision of myselfe about waking up and doing morning routines in this morning.

I am going to have business talking some my customers today.

I will have strive today as well.

Thanks for reading!!

I did it again.... 画像_1

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ハリウッドスターと言えば英語は必須!誰もがわかることですが、僕は高校生の時から数万人の前で英語でスピーチをしていることを目標にしていました。 たぶん世の中をよくするために人々に何か伝えているのでしょう。なので、英語も日本で上達することは簡単だと思っていますので、毎日の努力を配信しています。

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