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I was going to loose myself.

I was going to loose myself.

2020-09-28 06:00:00

I got up 6 in this morning.

And I did not want to strive and write this blog for a few days.

I was just tened to do nothing because of I thought I was weaker to take a focus to my dream.

I got up 9 and 10 in recent.

I drunk pretty.

I wanted to quite it but I did not.

I said myself that I was realy gonna get this world better?

It is hard to give up for me.

But I did tno want to strive.

I am just what I am.

Good thing is in Bad one.

I felt the loosing mind in my brain is bad thing that is going to be good one.

But I want to see something point of advance for my dream steps forwords.

I do not want to give up my dream.

That is why I still write this blog.

I have to be stronger anyway.

Thanks for reading!

I will stand up again then start it again.


毎日のように出来る努力をするということが、ハリウッドへの道になります。全ては日々の積み重ねしかありません。こんなことして一体いつハリウッドスターになれるの?一体いつ超有名人になれるの?でも、僕たち人間に平等に与えられた才能は努力です。そしてもう一つの才能が自分を信じること。毎日出来ることをやる。それをしない人が多いだけ。自分を信じきれない人が多いだけで人生は大きく変わっていきます。人は大きくは変われません。小さな変化を日々積み重ねていくしかありません。そしていつの日かとんでもなく大きな変化、チャンスが訪れるのだと思います。 そんな、日々の努力を更新していきます。

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