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Long time no write this. Because I got dipressed and was down again. I did it lots of times.

Long time no write this. Because I got dipressed and was down again. I did it lots of times.

2020-10-03 06:00:00

I got up 6 in this morning.

This is long time no write to me about writing this blog.

I had been at other area to have business meeting with my dads company.

I did not want to write this.

The days that I did not write and did not strive for my dream, were so easy to me.

I tended not to strive.

I was down once before.

I did not get it over so I did it again in this time.

I was so afraid to do something for my dream.

Beause it is so big dream so semmes like I can not acomplish to the goal.

I thought I was useless even for my dream my selfe.

I was weak. I was cowared. I was lier to myself.

But nothing has started actually.

All I can do is to take little step forward with so little striving everyday.

It is so easy to throw away my dream right now.

But I do not why I do not try to stop writeng this.

I do not know why I write this blog.

I do not know why I do not try to thow away my dream.

I want to try even if the trayal is such a idiot thing.

I want to grow little by little.

I have to do my strives in a blant.

I was back to my place from Tokyo area day before yesterday.

I quite driking alcoholes.

I try lots of time to stop drinking alcoholes since before.

I knew that rich guys and almost super celebrities do not drink it at all.

Even if I was down and dipressed. But I can pretend to be them.

The every single moring routines would make me change to other person.

So I thoguht that even if I was down and did not want to strive anything, I would be able to grown my mind with doing the morning routins and pretend to be a celebritt person.

I stand up and start it again and again.

I think I will be like something like this feelings that as if I want to stop my strive again.

But I do never take it off from my hand.

As I do untill now.


ハリウッドスターと言えば英語は必須!誰もがわかることですが、僕は高校生の時から数万人の前で英語でスピーチをしていることを目標にしていました。 たぶん世の中をよくするために人々に何か伝えているのでしょう。なので、英語も日本で上達することは簡単だと思っていますので、毎日の努力を配信しています。

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