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Do not look back. Do not look back. Do not look back. There is no hope at your past.

Do not look back. Do not look back. Do not look back. There is no hope at your past.

2020-10-07 06:00:00

I got up 5:20 in this morning.

It is getting cold out side so I pray my futuer and my dream into the sky every mornig.

But it was cols out side. So It was breafly time to pray in this time.

Anyway I tend to compare with someone so I tended to want to make my place higher than others.

It was so useless.

I am I am.

I thought about writeting this blog is I probably wanted to show my life style.

I took some photos to upload this blog.

But it was making me show off some good thing as lots of people show off with SNS things.

I realy hate it.

But I thought I did it.

I was making myself pretend to be I am pretty goodrichwnat people to say to me great.

This is just idiot thinking.

Most strongest enemy is perfectionist in my heart.

So I would not try to upload photos of my familly and where I went the taking photos.

But I think I upload photos of that I am on the way to becomming hollywood starsome event photos.

Because it is going to be my trajectory of my dream.

I have to be taken focus on forward.

Do not look back. There is no hope at my past.

I am 39 years old.

I have a dram of getting the world and people better.

So I want to have big power to let lots of people try to hear my voice even little interest.

So I gotta get more famouce, reptations to say out my thought.

Stay storong! Be foolish!

Do not care about whoever see this blog. I gotta be just what I am.

I can do it!!

I can make my life whatever I want!!

This is my life.

This is my choice.

This is my desition.

This is me.

Even if I am 39 years old. I had better have fun with it.

Be yanger as if I am 20 years old.

Make myself be qurious.

It makes me more clever.

Wate for the chance.

It has to come on me.

It should come on me.

Do not look back.

Take a focus on the futuer.

Live right noe as best as I can right now.

Do not look back.

Hollywood Star

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