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Do not try to do forcibly. If I wanna rest , I will do it. Because the road of the dream is that we never know how far it is.

Do not try to do forcibly. If I wanna rest , I will do it. Because the road of the dream is that we never know how far it is.

2020-10-09 05:00:00

I got up 5:30 in this morning.

I did so hard practice of golf swing after a long time daye before yesterday.

I got so much suor all of my body with hard practicing.

But it was so fun.

I went practicing with my life partner. He was almost first time to swing and shot golf balls.

He also had fun so we did shot 300 balls in the day.

So I got so mucha hard musle painful yesterday.

I got up 7 yesterday morning.

I thought it was so hard for me to do morning billionor routines the morning.

I decided I had to rest.

And I went to shopping with my wife after taking my son to the kindergarden.

Then we picked hime up after shopping.

I had so chill day yeasterday.

If it was hard for me to do strive, I have to have some rest.

Because everybody nver knows how much stirve they should do for acomplishing to the end of the goaldream.

Me neither.

I do not how much I have to strive to achieve to my dream.

If we know that, Evetbody would have had to be so rich and wealthy life.

But unfortunally we do not know.

If the dream is little thingthe distance like that you feel that is easy to achieve from right here.

It is supporsed to be guessed how strive you have to do.

But it is also just a guess.

It is not conviction.

I do not how far it is.

Id it is so long efforts thingnot.

All I have to is to strive for the dream.

But if I did hard traning for it. I would have to rest long time as I broke legssomewhere aroung my body.

The rest time will have been longer with striving forcibly by myself.

I have to have some rest so resting is also part of traning and striving to the dream.

Do not get too much hurry. Do not get too much hurry.

All I have to do is to get back on my way after resting.

Do not work so hard and strive so hard.

If I did it harde then if I stopped longer with injuried because of traning harder. It was gonna make the distance more far from here.

Do not stop longer. Do win little then stack winning little experience on the life before.

Do not get hurry too much!

The chance will come.

Strive little by little. Beleave it comes. Trust myselfe.

Untill the day comes.

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