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I never give up my dream. But why do I want it?

I never give up my dream. But why do I want it?

2020-10-11 06:00:00

I still get up ealier at from 5 to 6 o clock.

I have not drunk any alcoholes for 10 days more over.

I strive practicing to sing and have some earovics exersised.

Having some tarnign and strives make me hard and sometime it makes me get tired then I do not want to do anymore.

But it is all for my dream so I decided I gotta take it for the poeple and world getting better.

I real hope the world is filled with lots of people who take care of each other even lottle troblesome thinganxious about little thing.

I want them and myselfe to get so kindness mind and happiness heart.

I think people life sytle happiest is to take care and be said thnaks.

It is all answer to live as a human.

But I think I am stll just right here it does not get closer to my goal.

I have to get more moeny but the way is automaticaly income style.

It has to be.

So I develop FX chart automaticaly transaction .

But it has not been developed yet.

But I do not give up making it.

I do not why I want to get to the place of my completed my dream.

It is harder life style more than the life style that they do not have any dram and strive for it.

I have familly. I have my job. I am older.

But I do try not to stop taking steps forward to my dream goal even a bit little.

I do not why I think I have to do it.

Also I do never know if it is made truenot.

I just meditate abotu waht I want to be.

So I have to get over little objection every single day.

Because I will grow more than before I do it.

I want to take care of my familly my daughter sun wife whole of my life.

But I do not realy want to excuse with it against my dream.

I just keep on doing it.

Even if delopment automatic transaction taking profit does not work well now, I am going to make it take proffits every time the entry and exit.

I have to complete make it.

I have to do it for my dream.

Then I will get ready for doing actions for my dram as secound step.

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