Why I have to be a super celebrity is to make this world better.
I do not know waht I can do for it.
But if I was super celebrity all over the world people know me, like a hollywood star.
I would be able to have more influence to change dipressed mind people to stand up!
This is why.
Why I have to be a super celebrity is to make this world better.
I do not know waht I can do for it.
But if I was super celebrity all over the world people know me, like a hollywood star.
I would be able to have more influence to change dipressed mind people to stand up!
This is why.

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What kind of reason of Why I have tried to be hollywood star.

I am not committed to be only hollywood star.

But I think T have to be a super celebrity like a lots of country people know me.

So I thought to take my life target to be a hollywood starhollywood acter.

Being a super celebrity is part of my dream in my purpose of my life.

It is not the end when I am super celebrity like a hollywood staractor.

After I finally became the super celebrity. This is just a start of my dream to make this world better.

This is my dream.

So I have thought so king time about what I have to do for being the man who can make it so much better and give bigger influence to a lot of people to get higher motivation that they have kind heart to neighbors.

When I was 4.

I knew that all people die someday.

My mom, dad, friends, and me.

All people walk to die second by second.

I got the truth from my mom.

Then I cried so much as I imagine that mom is going to die and I also disappear like a nothing is here.

I have remembered that.

I just feel a big fear in my mind with it.

But I was just a kid 4 years old.

The fear had been gone from my memory and mind 34 days later.

Then I grown up.

When I was 9 years old and playing with my friends at primary school.

And then I went to the toilet.

I looked up to the mirror then I looked my face by myselfe.

Something so strenge feelings had been comming into my soulsomehing like my brain.

Then I realized myselef that I am alive with getting my name.

Which means I have a life here.

That means also I am die in a truth.

I realised I disappear form this world.

I was so much scared with it.

But the memory of big scared like that is gone again.

I forgot again.

But third time came makeing me get same thing.

That was when I went to Fukuoka for some company training.

After I got graduate form university. I got on full time job in Japan.

So I had a training of the headquoter of the company in Fukuoka for 3 month.

The last day of it. I had to go back the companys sales division offise in Saitama.

So we had a little farewell party for me.

I think myself like taht I am normally bright person. So I felt this farewell party was so important of my life.

Because after leaving. I could not meet them long term.

So I drunk more than usually. So I drink lots of beers there.

Then I involved other people who had some drinks around our tabel in the pub.

I talked with other customers who I did not realy know.

And I made them lough.

I was going to take a break at other table.

Then I had seen that eveyone had loughed so much, talked in a lot of fun.

The fear of third time came into my mind.

It was so similar to when I was 9 while I was playing with some friends.

But I felt other things by just then.

I sow that everyone had fun here.

Every one here had lots of memories and do them best something hard then they got over.

They all had various feelings and thought untill now.

I just got something true that was 100200 years later, Noone whould have not remembered us.

So I got lost of meanig of living.

Even though I did my best for jobssomething. All people did not remember and know me 100 years later.

Why I did it? Why was it? Why do I live? What for?

But we all are alive here while just burnign souls.


is there anything meanig to do best with anythig?

Third time, I felt like this.

I complete lost my ovjective of living by then.

The farewell party was over. I got on a plaine to go back to where I woroked at.

I was living alone at a apartment in Saitama.

I could not try to do my best with feeling of what I felt in Fukuoka.

I had alwasy thought about I did not know what good was , if I did this job.

Event if I did this in front of me, what would have meanign with me?

Do people after 100 years know me? If I do this.

I was thinkg every day, every night.

I had been so exhasteed with this job. I was so busy with it.

But I had never forgotten once about it.

The time past.

When I was 23.

I found the meanign of living my life.

That was suddenly happened at somewehre shop while buying somthing.

I was taking 10,000 yen bill form my wallet.

I thoughtthe man who prointed on a bill in Janpan, has rememberd so long term.

Just then almost bills design had changed.

But the bill design of 10,000yen has not changed.

the man who was on 10,000yen bill has been nemed "Fukuzawa Yukichi".

What did he did in Japanother country?

He actually left his name as on a bill.

He have been able to leave his name and the truth of he was alive here for 100 years more.

So if I was on a bill in the future. Lots of people would know and remember me after 100 years more from now.

Then I had just started to search about who was the first man being wirtten on a bill in Japan.

It was "Shoutoku Taishi".

So then I was searching about what he did in Japan.

It was to progress so much Jpapan with religion called Buddhism.

He was prepared to dead when he tiried to get it from China.

He went there with a person.

And then he made it without any weapones.

There was no religion like Buddhism in Japan at that time.

By the time People had fore fears of living fear, sick fear,working fear, dieing fear.

And also pople had been worried about poor living.

He had tiried to manage to resolve them with something.

Then he brought back the Buddhism in Japan with him.

I decided that I am tring to be like him.

I tought I would make Japan expand and world expand!

And I thought I am going to be a big man like Shoutoku Tishi!

I decided it just by then.

So What do I have to do from now on for it?

I got inspired that the thing I have to do is to live for people and the world.

This object I desided just by then have been still in my mind since when I was 23 years old.

I will try somthing to advance for my dream come true. Even if the efforts I have done now has been so little progress advance.

I do not care abut how big it is in a day I make some efforts.

I think most important thing for my dream, is just try to take little steps every day.

Normally almost people can do so big thing suddenly as they try to get to a big purpose.

We all have to grow up getting more knowldges and as a person who has so much atractive to be able to make lots of people want to get better.

I gotta make so much money and need more time for it.

So that, I have to do collect and meet some partners with having same will like mine.

I guess I have to get so much many things.

But it is fact.

The fact is I have to do my best in each day, in each second.

I mean I gotta live as best as I can just right now.

I concentrate all things for only my dream objective.

At first I have started for my dream has been to tell my dream tought.

I have spoken what I amwhat my dream is to everyone I meet in a day.

So I have found to be able to litte bit time for speaking to people about my dream.

I do not realy care about whatever people think about me feel about me.

It is just useless for me to think of it.

My life objective dream is to live for people and the world.

All I could do was it at that time.

I bought some books to meke myselfe stronger not to give up my dream.

But I could not figre out about making me storong with reading books.

I fainally get truth my own after that.

It has two thing I figured out.

And I think they are almost people in the world ,have normally and usually in your heart.

One thing is to believe your selfe.

And one more thing is to strive even little.

It is very fine even running just for a minitseven fine reading a book just a letter.

The talent of doing just a little try is everybody has basically since we are born.

It is just up to that you doyou do not.

And the talent of believing yourself is also everyone has in our mind.

Just do it. You earn shomething. But you do not. You have nothing.

Thers is no option I do not do.

I think it is useless and no more good thing to me about how long my dream needs to come true.

Perhaps I would want to give up my goal and dream.

But I do not.

Even if it takes for 5 years 10 years 20 years more. I do not give it up.

If I die. Somebody will make it instead of me.

If it is happened. I have to think about what I gatta leave to next generation in the future.

So I do jsut my best right now what I can do now even a minitssecond.

If I tried to do my best something for my dream every day, every hour.

Where I will achive in my future with striving every day from now is more and more longer distance than the distance of before I did not do anything for my dream.

We all normally grown up from a baby.

We have got some progresses to be an adult.

From baby to a chiled, from chield to a adult.

Our apperance is changed yaer by year with time goes on.

There are some peple who do not try to have bigger dream because of how old they are.

But I never think it.

It is unrelated about it.

It is up to youself. depends on how you feel with it.

Just you do it. Or you do not.

One thing I have a big talent which you also have is to believe.

One more thing We have normally have in our mind is to strive.

depends on you do the two thingsyou do not.

We need a dreamobjective goal for life to do them.

If I have kept on doing every day for a few years. People around me have changed to think of me little by little.

And by then I do not have old friend who probary looked me down once.

There is suporsed to be new partners around me and you.

Waht can you do?

What is something for your dream and objective.

We can tel the objective of a life to someone from just right now.

Does not matter about people speack badly your dream.

If some people speak badly about that you can not make it. They all can not be like you with complaing you and blaming on your thing.

We have the option we try to get higer to make dreams come true.

And we have choised to walk on big road of the life.

All we have to do is to believe ourseleves and strive for it every single day.

This is it all.

And this is what it takes for the dreams.

The man who I want be, is able to let lots of people be happier and change a world better.

What can kind of person make it?

As I think of this.

My answer is that super celebrty can do influence for people.

The influencer can give more courage to people.

The influencer also can make the ilfe angle little heigher than before.

When I realised like this. I decided that I will become a super celebrity all over the world.

So that, I thought of what I am going to aim to be is a hollywood star acter.

Famous hollywood acters are known by lots of people all over the world.

So My target of first step is to be super celebrity like a hollywood star!

YES! I will become a hollywood star acter.

I thougth like this.

As I decided it. I have kept on striving every single day, every single second in a day.

This is the reason and objective of why I gotta be a super celebrity.

Then after I am a hollywood star and super celebrity. I want to give great influenses to people.

And I hope that people who got inspired by me, will can give better influences to other people in a repeat after me.

I think more perole who get and join in my objective to get world better. Chaging the world better movement is expanded more as soon as possible.

And then one more thing I wnat to do for the world is to make a web site that 200 million people registered with.

It is 200 millions people more.

The lowest purpose is taht total amount people registerd with the web site is 200 millions people.

The 200 millions people pay for the site 1000yen(like $100 in US) per year.

The price per year is 20 billion yen.

So We use the money to resolve some proplems for some countries which have big proplems that govermentone big company could not resolve now.

I thinks like this.

I want make the web site. And then registers of it will have been resolving some proplems all over the world.

I want to makei it start up from Janan.

The web site has a page that all registers nemes are witten in a page. The page contents is that I do not make the problem resolve. We all resolve this problem.

This is my secound stage of objective my life.

Even if some registers could not entry a project of getting over problems. They would be thinking that they try to give some kind to neighbors.

I hope they woul change thme mind and tought like that.

The price for each registers in the web site pay only 1000yen(US$100). But if they think to chage them mind better and higher.

They movments of geting something better is better and bigger little by little.

It is going to be big property for them lifes.

And then the kindness thought properties would be able to be expanded with people and more other people.

So that. I gotta be a super star, super celebrity.

This is my life objective.

I give the thing to more people to know.

And then I want you all to watch my efforts as best as I can.

And I want you to feel I am getting closer to the end of my dream.

I gotta do. I wanna do.

Because We almost have the two talents which one is to believe yourself, to strive every single day even little.

Thanks to read this till here.

Lets do this!

If you do. You have something.

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Why I have to be a super celebrity is to make this world better.
I do not know waht I can do for it.
But if I was super celebrity all over the world people know me, like a hollywood star.
I would be able to have more influence to change dipressed mind people to stand up!
This is why.