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Name Mr. KK

Birth 1981-9-1
Place of birth Knagawa pref Kawasaki city
Blood type B
My specialty Break dancing, getting almost skills by myself
What I like Singing (I want to be a singer in a lot of real)

I had so hard to strive to do club. When I was high school student.

I got on the place of vice general captain in my american foot ball club.

So I had been trying to find something to make me get became addicted to do in the university.

And I whould get more atractive to be liked more girls.

The reason of I started up doing break dancing was pretty stupid.

When I saw infront of me to the man who was one of most biggest and famous break dancer in the world.

I got shocked with his performancing.

I went down so much against his dance skill has so long distance I have.

I thought to quit dance.

Next morning.

I felt in my mind about just one thing.

He chould do it. So I chould do it too.

What am I different from him?

We all are just same human!

So I decied to get on first place in the world champion of break dance category.

I had my hair cut like a ball.

I lost my hair for concentrating break dance.

It was prety late when I started more than othes.

But I dind not care about when I started.

So I had so hard dance practising every day form 9 pm to 5 am.

I was with some friends in the university.

They had been not doing some efforts to make something for themselves.

They jsut go there and talk to friends back homeworking as part time job.

I did not want to just do like that.

I had always wanted to do something like big thing while I was an university student.

The thing I want to is noone chould do.

So that I decided to go to Australia by myself.

I had only one special is dancing.

I asked with my so bad English to find and go to where Break dancers practiced.

Some miracles had been happened to me.

I got 70 more break dancer friends in one night.

And then miracles kept on me.

I got on first place of national competiotion of Break dance in Australia.

Then I was back in Japan with more confidence.

Because before I went to Australia. I did not compete anyone. I was loosing a lot of times.

So I won almost competitions in Australia. So I got more confidencces of break dancing.

I tired to entry bigger comepetition of America and World break dance competition.

Then I got on 2nd place and Best 8 in world competition.

I went out my home and moved to Osaka to try myself with entertainment activities.

I was in a prety big truble of money.

I did not have any money to live.

So I got sick of malnutrition......

But I decied to live for people and the world.

I did never give up this objective.

After this entertainment activities. I had some experiences about getting full time job, marriage, break up with my dad and more.

So I took many movements and activities to get result of may objective of my life taht is "to live for people and the world".

Since when I was 22 years old. I have been and walked on my way of it without any rest.

If I looed back going to Australia. All of my life fate is determinated by then.

I had written down here about my thing. But it is not hard talk of mine.

These single days I have had until now is the days of efforts foy my dream.

I can be like what I am is with all of experiences even baddest things I was in.

I just feel so happy with them.

I feel so much thank for every day, everyone.

If you stopped hard things now for your dream. It would have been just the end.

Hard talking is going to be a funny story 5 years later. This is my dad said.

I think that if I want to have much more bertter life. I gotta strive to have hard thing.

In Japan old people tel us interested wors left so long time ago.

It is that we had better to take hard work even if we spend real money with it.

If you hear tht hard work and hard thing you are not be albe to be suporsed to make, is seems to be jsut negative wrods and feelings.

I thinks it is efforts.

I write down all things here to be a hollywood star and make my dream come true utill I will make it.

I do not never tell you about just hard wroking thing.

I will tell you effrots to my target goal of my life.

Efforts is just fun to us.

Doing hard work thing is fun to us.

If you have more time to check my contents and blogs here.

I realy thank you for reading this.

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