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When I went to Australia was 3rd grade of Unversity student.

The term of Wile I was over there was for 8 month more less.

It was pretty short term more than Student from japan who tried to study abload.

My university is placed in the city Tokyo. It is surrounded heigh bullidings.

There is a Macdnald at the 1st basement floor.

I and my friends always had been there to play some card games.

We bet cigarettes in each.

The first place get two cigarettes from lowest palce.

And the secound place get a cigarette from next lowest place.

The game is stupid to me.

But I actuallr had fun with it.

But I did not make my mind fill with satisfactions.

So I had thought that I had just wasted time while I was at the bacement store.

It was seemed to be just like an unversity student in Japan.

But I did not waste my time any more.

My farther had made about 1 billion sales mount with his company.

He is a employer.

But the company used to be so small company which was disappered with one breath.

It was so bothered with making and collecting money to manage the company.

But my farther had a dream on his company.

It was he made it as No 1 rice comapny in Japan.

So he told me always like that even idf I do not make my dream. It does no matter.

Just try to big dream as big as I can imagin. If I am a real man.

So I had been watching his back trying his dream to get on the top of rice company in Japan since I was a child.

I felt his seriouse attitude of try of so hard thing.

When he said that he was tring to make it.

Everyone loughed and make fun about his dream.

So I thought I had to get out like this life of the bacement store with playning stupid bet tranp games.

I realy wanted to get my something to make me be addicted.

I did not realy like myself playing like this.

My father had been suporsed to have lots of money.

But I did not rent any money from my dad for going and abloading to Asutoralia.

I got all of money for it from I worked hard to make some money as a part time job

So I used all of money by my money to go there.

I was looked like a rich boy when I was a child.

So around me and my friends thought about me I got prety money because my dads company had been prety big in rice business category in Jpan.

But my dad did not give any money to me to buy what I wanted by then.

When I asked my dad like taht I want it!! His anwer was only that Buy your money.

So I thought it could be possiple for me to buy something with my money even a child.

So I did not to try to buy anything I wanted even some snucks.

I got habbit of saving money shice then.

I saved money about 1 milion yen when I was 13 yeays old.

My parents did not give me some money constantly in month.

We call giving some money constantly per weekper month is "Okozukai" in Japanese.

So I saved some money from when my ant and uncle were comming my home then they gave me some money to buy what I want.

But I did never use them just then I got.

I saved all of money from somone gave to me every single time.

So I bought prety expensive toys as present of my birthday and chiristmas with my money.

And how much I saved money was more expanding, then I asked my mom I want it which was more expensive.

My mom said tome that waite bit more you are growing more bigger.

So I got anger to her.

So waht DAD told me that I could have bought everything I wanted with only my money!

But I didi not make it by then.

Anyways I was just like that kid.

I did not to want spend money with littile thing before going to Australia.

So I bought the fright ticket of Korean AIR.

The airplane company was worst to crush per year.

But I did not care of it.

I juset did not to use any money.

The reoson was just cheapest ticket more than every air plane company.

So I had to go to Pusan in Korea once befre going to Australia.

I and my dad ware drinking to have my farewell party for my trip.

Then he said that Do not come back when you get pusan! because of you miss the plaine to Australia!!


So I and my dad was loughing together.

I thought I would have never miss it!!

But I almost did it...

Wehn I got at Ousan Airport.

I did not really know how to transfer other fright.

So I checked a black guy sat on nex to me from Japan to Korea.

I believed that he would have had to transfer the plain to go back his country!!

All my wish depends on him.

I walked behinde him so closer when we got off at Korea pusan airport.

But he went out the exit gate.

I thought something weired...

Why did he go out?

Is this his country?

No he is black!

He defenetry go back to Amerikaother country with the other plaine!!

I just thought like this.

Then I noticed that "OK! We had to go out onece bofer transfering other plaine!".

I thougth this.

So I did not get supecttion of it.

I thought the guard could have made me trought easyly.

But of course I did not make it.

The guard said samothing to me in korean.

But I no understood what he was saiyng.

He showed a paper of kind of like a imigration sheet.

I did not write it so I showed my fright ticket to the guard and said big voice just "Sydoney! Sydoney!".

He was fed up with me ,then he sttoped me and did his hand like a "go away. do not come here again.".

I was so frustrated that I could not transfer the othere fright to Australia.

Because I had be so hurry to get on the plaine.

I had only 30 minits untliee ther fright take off.

So I was went so down.

The thing I and my dad talkd about I was going to be back in Japan because I was failed to transfer the otehr fright to go to australia, was nearly going to be the real.

I lost all the ways to get the plaine.

SO I was just down nothing I could do anymore right here.

But a god was realy in the world. I thought.

A man who was Korean and spoke little bit Japanese, was comming closer to me.

Then he used broken Japanese to ask me What happened.

So I said to him I just wanted to go to Sydoney. But I did not know how to do!!

Then he said that not here! come here!!

He checked my fright time then he and me run to where the entrance of transffer other plaine with grabing my hand bit harder.

I finally got there then I put my bag on the line to be checked.

I turned around finding him then I said Thank you ! with big voice.

He swang so big his hand in the air.

I so much thank to him and god.

It was just miracle.

When I took my sheet and sat down. I had heard about it was all free to drink evey alcoholes in the plaine while I was getting on it.

So I had 10 glassed of wines and beers

The male cabin attendant was pretty suprised with hoe much I drunk.

He guessed I like alcoholes, so he brought me more alcoholes.

I did not know English but he and me had talked a lot until the midnight.

I failed once in Korea to transffer and then I realized to need to write the immegaration sheet.

ANd I did not know how to get out from Sydney airport.

He told me how to explane to get out.

Because I did not prepair where to live and waht to do.

I thought I just would make some plans as I got there.

I had no informations of australia, no friends.

I just thought I tried to gigurea out after getting there.

Until getting to Australia.

So much miracles happened to me.

I have never gorget the man who helped me at the Korean airport and the male cabin attendant who told me lots of things.

I realy realy thank for both them tow.

As I got off and went out the gate of immigration.

I jus got so much excited with evetything happened to me in Australia from then.

I eagely went out the gate to feel the Australia.

I thouhgt that my legend history of Australia had just started!!!

At the Sydney airport, I saw almost peple to say hello to host families. They had prepaired to live at them host familliy's home in a first period of the whole of life in Australia.

All of people who waited form japanese had a signboard written with like "Mr Sato! Wellcome!".

But all I had prepaired in Japan were getting visa, and fright ticket.

Noone was here to wait me.

When the people got here then greated to host famillies, they left the airport.

They probabry back to the home and starting Australia ilfe.

People got here and left here. I saw it 43 times.

I understood enven if I sow this many times here. Nothing happend.

I had noone waiting for me, leading for me

There was nothing I would do here.

So I tried to call to Japan to say I got here.

I left the terminal area to get a telephone card.

Then I found a shop to buy the card.

I did not remember how I explained about the telphone card.

But I was managed to be able to get it with making some jesture.

Then I tried to make a call to Japan.

I had already checked how to call to international telephone.

But nothing was happend even little sounds was not on the phone.

I could not even just make a call from here....

I thought that yes it was fine, let's get out side toha ve cigarettes.

And then I would thinks about what to do.

I did not know how to move from here with a train.

And I did not also know where I should go from here.

I got here. Just that is it.

I thought it was going to be better for me to be deported when I got to Korean airport.

I did not have any information and did not prepaired to start doing something at Sydney airport.

While smoking a cigarette out side, a man who was supporsed to be a Japanese, talked to me.

He asked me that "are you Japanese?".

I replied "Yes".

"I want to got the city. How do I get htere?",

"The city? I probary I am supporsed to have to go there too. So could you go with you please?".

I tried to get on his plan even he asked me how to get there.

He was so feeling strenge about my no plan.

Then he asked "Did you come here without any information about here?"

I replied "I just got this visa and flight ticket".

Then he said

"It is so crasy... But I actually lived in New zealand for 9 month. I looked back again before coming here. It was little wasted cost of going to English school and staying at host famillys home.
I had spend lots of money to Japanese Agent fot them.

I think it is good. But I did not try same thing. Because I was so scared to live in a first term.

So you get great value without spending some money a first term of your Australia life!!

I thought that I was a right and felt bit relief.

Then I got learnt some simple english sentences to buy something from him, then we got to cheaper hotel in sydney city.

There was small smoking space at roof floor of the hotel.

We had some food together.

So I and him were smoking, talking about my reoson of I came to Australia.

I told him I wanted to get English skill of being able to used in business talks with a way of by my own.

I did not want to do same things like Japanese people who lived in Australia, do, example work at Japanese restaurantsomething.

I did want to make somehing only I could do in Australia.

I and him talked so much.

He left next morning to go round in Australia as last trip. Then he went back to Japan.

After he was leaving, I did not know how to do for my big baggage. I was always anxious about if my baggage was stolen in the room.

There were 6 people staying in same same room.

I was looke just like I did not get used to traveling.

I woke up a mornign, I tried going out to have some walk for a while.

So then I locked my big baggage.

I did not know how to cook at the hotel, so I got some instant food like a boil in the bag food.

They all were not tasted good.

But It was easy for me ,because I had nevere cooked bfore.

I did not know any English so I did not understand any food menu of retaurants.

I jsut could understand a menu of just potats at the restaurant.

Then I ordere the potatos.

The shop staff was like he was thinking I was realy sure to order it.

he brought the potats with him to my table.

The potats had been big size for a partyfor having it with 4 ot 5 people.

ANd it was pretty expensive.

I just had some walk and order potats.

The just only two things made me so tired.

I had to stay at the same hotel in this night.

I just took breath with nothing to do over here.

There was nothing I could try.

I did not guess about how was going on tomorrow and from now.

My money was decreasing day by day.

I had got unexplaneble big fear in my mind.

By just then I realized I did not make a call to Japan for telling my families I got here.

I forgot the man who was invited to stay here and told me how to get the city, told me about how to make a phonecall international telephone form here to Japan.

The telephone card I got at Sydney ariport had to be sculached silver part on the card.

Then some numbers were came out.

I pushed these number after anoucing like "push the card number".

The card was as a pripaied card for how much was the card.

So then I made a call to my home in Japan.

I made it !!

My dad got this call.

I said " I got here. ".

My dad " Ok. Just do your best overthere.".

He hang up this phone after saying just some words.

I thought that what my dad was just like.

I felt it was taken time so fast and then night was comminng ealier.

I felt the time like that.

So I found a guy took a girl into our room. It was forbidden to get any girl into the man room from the hotel rule.
I was pretending to be sleeping but I could not sleep well.

In that morinig. Big mussle guy came in my room.

Then He yelled so hard to the guy brought a girl here.

I was just I felt enoght was enoght.

And more bad thing hapened to the room for me.

A british guysomebady took friend into the room at 3 am.

I was in asleep. but they played guitter here.

I just woke up. But I did not say Stop it.

I was just afraid with everything happned here, so I was keeping on silent.

I did not sleep until they played a guitter. And then that morinig was come.

Day 2 in Australia.

I had no plan to go out everyday.

So I had breakfirst with not so good tast instant rice boil food.

I had haerd about Japanese Agent in Sysdney City so I decided to go there to borrow a mobile phone.

There was a japanese shop staff to attend for me.

I had not been spoken japanese for 2 days till I got here,so I felt I had not used japanese prety long time even just taking 2 days.

I made it borrow a mobile phone.

I do not know who makes a cll to me. But I borrowed it.

I do not know how to use it. Because everything were in english in the contents of mobile phone descriptions.

Of course it is. this is Australia.

After I left the japanese Agent shop. I had some walks around the hotel.

Then I had the instant rice boil food again as a dinner.

I went up to the top of hottle to have a cigarette.

I felt just like that I was managed today.

Then I realised making a call to my mother.

I left the some credit to call.

Yes. I tried to call to my mom.

When I dialed to Japan.

My mom got my calling, said hello.

My mom
"Oh. Good to hear that you are ok and arrive there. is it cold there?"

"Yes. it is."

My mom
"Just take care of your health. We all are waiting you back here."

"Yes. Allright. See you."

Then I hang up the phone.

I was nearly almost gonna say I wanted to go back. I did not keep up with living here.

But my mom word truned on my mind.

The word was "We all are waiting for you back."

I realised I have where I can go back.

I have my home in Japan.

I have people waiting for me.

I just felt so happy about it.

I could not stope feeling of so much thank to all of people who I met before.
When I was back to the room. There was noone. The guitter guy was not here. The taking a girl guy was not here.

Noone was here.

As I sat on my bed, Icould not stope crying.

I cried with some voice. I could not stope.

I cried for a minntits and more.

I was feeling tidy little by little, so I thought that I had people for me comming back and waiting for me.

I thought how long the tirm of living in Australia was against how long I left my spilit.

The term of living Australia is much shorter than how long my life is.

Why do not I try best here?

Why am I down?

Because The term of here is never come again.

And it is very short term.

Why do not I do my best?

I had just changed my mind just by then.

So I moved to find where to stay and find friend.

I was diffrent from the Japanese in Australia who go to scool. The have prepaired to stay and go to english school before getting to Australia.

I did not have any thing like them.

All thing in Australia had to be I had to make by myselfe.

So I thought I had to make some friend here!!

I had only one thing I am good at.

It was dance.

So I thought I tiried to make some friend with my dance.

I started to move find break dancers over here.

I asked with broken English to someone where break dancers practiced in the city.

I finaly got the detail of it.

They sometime practiced at marricville.

I got on the train to get there. I found where the practice.

It was just seemed to be tarrterd and ald gymnasium.

About 70 dancers weer practicing in there.

They all were taller than me and looked very scary.

If it was a place of gungsters, I was gonna be die.

I had just been prepaired even I die.

But I gotta get in!!

I will change my life and start my life in Australia!!

I saw a japanese was practicing at the gymnasium.

Then he talked to me because I was like how I should had been doing here.

So he told me that they all are good guys and girls, so I can practice anywhere I wanted.

I replied thanks so much.

So I just started practicing here.

I was so reliefed by him japanese was here and told me it was safe here.

I had my deathblow move as my dance set that I ahad nevere made it before.

But I had so much confidence of it , when if I could make it.

I tired to do here, I just completely made it!!

So all dancers were exited here.

That was first time for me I made it from my dethblow movement at first to the end on the beat.

Almost dancers were comming to me then asked me I was famous dancer in Japan and where I lived in Australia and more quesutions.

But I was no able to relpying to them all/

Because I did not ununderstand what they asked me.

The japanese guy translated all thing of them and my words from japanese to English.

So some guys said to give my moble phone and then I gave it to the guy.

My mobile was around all of dancers to put them numbers in my mobile phone data.

After finised around, my mobile data was 70 dancers mobile adress and phone number in it.

Successful of my dethblow move of my dance set had made 70 dancers in the moment the night.

I felt absolutely there was a god. It must habe been a god for getting me the big chance.

And I thinks the god turn to only the people who strive so much.

I thought that so.

Even if someone did not get got any values and was not rewarded sometime.

The striving movements have to be with no thinking of not to be rewarded.

Just all we have to do is we gatta strive as much as we can, then someday we would get the big reward.

I was just so hard to live right here, and just by then.

I was pretty luck guy. Because this was happended.

But if the thing was no happended here like this success, I would have have to try doing something else more.

I would always take every my steps forward to live in Australia.

Because I noticed that so much thanks from the calling to my mum in Japan.

So I got so much friend here.They invited me a lot of places with me.

They gave me breakdance competitions and job of dancing. It was pretty goo money.

Do I did not have to work at Japanese restaurant any more.

I got money from with dancing that I realy liked to do.

And I got on first placesecound place in Australia dance comepetiosions.

I got some sponceres in Australia after I won first place of biggest national Asutralia breakdance competiotion.

I did not have to care about clothes and shuses.

Sponcers gave a lot of them newst products by then.

My life in Australia was going so smoothly wel after for 10 days since I got here.

I had so much fun with everything in Australia.

There was no disturve me here.

I was so freedum about anithing I do.

The time spend for about 5 month since I got here.

My mom was comming to stay a few days in Australia with me.

So I and she traveled around in Sydney city and climbe up famouse montain together.

She said that she got a letter form my dad.

The letter has changed me a lot since whne I got this letter.

What I have thought to make my dream come true has been all in the letter.

The letter was that.

My sun.

How are you going?

It is probabry in summer season over there.

I live by myselef in Ymanashi to grow my company as best rice company in Japan.

It is so cold here. So I had been in some trubles of that the car did not work in every morning with too cold.

It was little hard life for me to live by myselfe because alot of things here had been happend and seen frist time for me.

Just take care of yourselfe wihle you are there.

And come back to see your face looking grown up more than before.

My sun.

You have been to a trip.

It is big trip for you.

Because you are in the trip of making so much people be happy and change the world.

It must be so hard more than I think.

But do never sthow away your dream anymore.

I trust you di it.

Let's have SAKE when you are back in Japan.

Your mother are there breafly days, so please look after her wel.

Best regards.



I finished reading this letter.

The letter got me hardest I have never felt.

I honestry thought Yes I was here for helping people and getting the world better.

The door of that I gotta live for the people and the world, open since just by then.

So I have never once forget about this my strong objective life target.

I think I have never got lost my roiad of life, because of this experience of my das letter and the my mom words and these days in Australia.

The trip in Australia has been actually changed me so much.

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