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What I did back in Japan.

After When I was back in Japan from Australia.

I had almost time of dancing over there and even back in Japan.

I was just like a proffesional dancer in Australia.

So I got more confidence to compete other dancers in Jpaan.

I got on second place at team breakdance battle in Japan.

I was so selfish kid and have too much confidence after Australia.

I thought I could do everything I thought, there was no diturb thing in front of me.

So I thought try to go to Canada for making my breakdance skill much better with out getting full time job in Japan.

I had no idea of having full tim job here.

But I did not collect much money to abload to canada and stay there.

I quit part time job here because of my too much big confidences. I battled talking with my boss at where I got part time job.

And then I tried 10 more times to pass interviews for working.

But I did not make all of them.

I lost money so I could not to go to Canada after university graduation.

I thought I could have been to Canada whenever I want,after even I got full time job in Japan.

So I tried to get it for mayself as my better experience before university graduation.

I passed the interview.

But real thing was I just went to the seminner of a company.

Then the person in charge realy liked me, he realy wanted me to join in the company.

So I just passed with out any examnations.

He just made a call to me then I was in.

And the ful time job was one of bigges my truning point of my life for that I am tiring to live for the people and the world.

You can understand why, if you read the page title of "why super celeblty?".

The result.

I dropped off the job after two years.

I and my twins brother thought to try to sell internet book about how to speak english with using web siteinternet shopping mole.

I spent all of my saving money for it to establish our english education ecommers company in Japan.

We di try to sell a lot more this i9nter net data book. But the sale amount did not get better.

While we are anxious about our company sales, I got a call from someone.

The guy who gave the call to me was friend and agent of giving me some dance job in Australia.

He said he wanted to try to establish the dance school in Osaka so He wanted me to help to start up.

I told my brother about it.

Then he decided to go to Osaka for dancing.

When we got at Osaka.

My friend said as we would have already have job of dansing in Osaka.

But he got nothing here.

We all got stacked 3 month later.

My friend had gone somewhere.

I and my brother had to move out this place where we and him lived together.

So we moved out then we found a small room other place of in osaka.

The room was chepest cost to live. it was pretty mess and smell bad and nothing anything in the room.

We moved to here with little left money.

I and my brother lived this apartment for half and a year.

We did not any money to have something to eat.

So we had every day little snucks.

Then I was sick of malnutrition.

I went to the doctor with so little left money.

The doctor said that he had been for a doctor for 20 years more.
It was first time for the doctor to say I am malnutriiton.

Yes it was.

There have been so much food without spending a lot.

Cheaper food have been everywhere in Japan.

In recent it is almost impossible thing for person to get malnutrition in Japan.

But I took over the sick. So I got some dance event entry job then some related person of events were providing me to do MC and model of under wears.

So my job range had been little more expanded.

By then my company of English contents education thing had almost gone...

I faced to my brother harder avery day I fighted with him.

Our opinions did not get each other.

We finaly decided in our company to bankrupt.

I left in Osaka buy my brother was gone back Kanto area.

So after he was leaving I had always found something I could do for the people and the world in Osaka.

My plan of my dream was used tobe that I whould have been getting famous here and made more money with it,so when if I was famous and ahould have been doing like a famous talent in Japan. I thought I couls have done for the people and the world.

But I almost was 30 years old.

I did not want think about my age but I was anxious about it.

I felt that like a big wall of that I am 30 years old genaration had been standed in front of me in a lot of scary.

So I thought I did try to become a rich with business.

Bt then in Japan economics was not going well.

Because of decreasing child and increasing old people in Japan.

The problem was started since then little by little.

So I noticed if I made a company of to deliver some heavy thingssupplies to old people fromh yang people in the small area of each town.

The company whould have been able to make better communities around customers who are got the service and who provide to customers.

I thought I wanted to make the communication comunities area of that yang people help and talk to ald people with kindness as yang people job in the area.

Yangs helped to carry and deliver some heavy thing to old people.

If the old people are in some troble in the town, yangs help as soon as they can.

I wanted to try to make the better kindness atmosphy in even little town.

I did not much have experiences of business.

I did not know how to start it.

And I was searching to find what kind of products I deliver for old people.

I noticed what to deliver was some rice pacage.

The rice paacge product is heavier for old people.

So it reminded me about my father face.

He has run a pretty big rice company in Japan.

So he had a dream of makeing it Bo1 rice company in Japan so I called to him.


"Yeah. What is it?"

" I amd planing to establish a business of delivering rice to customers in Osaka."


"Yes. I will buy your product. So can you tell me how much they are?".

"I got you. I will go there. Just waite til tomorrow."

"You comming? O...Ok. I will plan it."

I was so nervous whne I talked to him on the phone.

But he said he is coming tomorrow for just this little thing.

Then he got here. We had some alcoholes then talked about what I wanted.

After I finished eplainig about my plan, he said like that.

"I made this companys sales amount was 100 billion. So you do not have to start it from the little scale of only how much you can do."
"You can use my relationships and connections for your plan."

He said like this.

I did not completely understand what he meant.

He meant that at first for my plan, I would have got the job of his company from the most down place, then I had to study lots of things while working there.

So He made me try to get on the top of place in his company after 35 years.

I thought I could have choiced the choice.

It sounded better for me.

I had not had experience of establishing a business by myself so I got so much relieve with his plan.

I led my dream rely on my dad.

My dad said and then gave me three things I had to take over before working at his company.

1 I did not give you no relationships of mine to you. But you have to work at big company more than mine.
2 Work at the comppany for 3 years.
3 Be stopped by your boss who got on third higermore place more than you.

It was in the big news of corruption Lehman shock that big company of Lehman Brother was bankrupted.

There was no recruitment on Japan.

Big companies had not been to get other employee in just this time.

People who did not have job, were packed increased in all of the area in Japan.

But I had confidence of I could take over the interview even I did not know about economices knowledge in Japan.

I thought myself that I got very nice sense of humor. So people would like me so much.

Because I got hard experience of so much poor life term in osaka, and Australia, dance experiences amd more!

I did not get depressed from anyone said me something bad about my thing.

So at least I made it!

The company was a listed company and sales amount was bigger than my dads company.

And it has biggest sales marketing of one category in Japan.

I was crushed with my boss a lot of times.

Because enve I got worked, I did not want to get any regret while working there.

I had done for so much things for my customers.

I had always thought about whatelse my customers were getting satisfied a lot.

I tried everything that were possibly supporsed to be making my customers get satisfied more.

At least I got 3 titles and got on first place of most salling web products in the office.

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