Break with dad

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But I was not satisfied with many times I got some prize from the company.

I did not make the distance in my heart that as the social business man and my life objective thought, get samecloser, so it made me suffer from the gap of it.

The final result I had quite the job because I did not make the promiss with my dad of I would have had to wrok there for 3 years more.

But when I was said by the higher place boss more than me, he did not get on 3rd place higer more than me, he got on 2dn place more than me anywey.

I told him about I quite on the phone.

He yelled and got so angry with what I did.

I said "Do not contact me and my family."

I just hung up the phone then I decided not to try to contuct with him anymore.

Then I left the company.

My first child was born after 2 weeks and I bought my apartment by then.

That wast difenetly har situation for my familly to take over about spendin money as a just controling our useual life here.

I tried to find other job which was not supporsed to be stress for me, so I did not want to get on a job devision of sales anymore.

So I read recuruit magazine to find a job devision of offfice worker every day.

Some day I told about I quite the comapny to my customer of when I got the job.

He told me that I gotta get up myself to establish your company.

Just independent your job yourself.

I had no idea like that.

He realy liked me because I gave my hand about internet and how to use the computer and something more.

So he pretty relied on me.

He thought abou me that i was not just like normal sales rep.

The companies customers had been not meny with not good at using computers and internet.

So while I was waroking at the comapny, I was thinking if I had skill of edit them web site, they would be happier with it.

So I studied how to edit the homepage little by little even I gotta drive around for sales.

The I helped to change edit the web site for free while I was in the company.

My creating web site skill was not that I did not create web site from the first by then.

But whent I got the word from him about to independent.

I just decided to try it!

So I got hard days every single day to study how to make it.

I did not have any my customers wanted me to make homepges by then, but I got my company even so little.

I did not have the skills,and did not know about how to write some quotations,and did not decide how much the creating web site was.

But it did not mean any more, if I did not create web site.

So I just lernt how to make it on the internet evry day from earier morning to the midnight.

I sepnd so much mone.

Because I did not make money in the term of studing by myself about creating website.

Like this life living had been for a year and more.

And I paid tax after when I independented.

My salary used to be pretty good by then.

So I paid most tax price.

My mind was just like I was bunkrupt today.

And I got tricked from a friend of my wife.

The friend cried in fornt of me taled that her mother was sick and had her cut to get better, she said she did not have money for that.

I lent 500000yen to her.

Of course she was gone after that. No contact any more after she got my money.

And bad things happend in same term.

I and my wife got lawsuite even if we did not do any bad thing.

We had to ask lowyer to solve the lowsuite with alot of money.

The period was so hard and made me always dipressed so much in evry single secound in a day.

I thought I was nearly gonna try deing.

I spend all of my money with my job and these unfortunate things.

I thought I had to tell my wife just one thing important to her and my baby.

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