Job and dream

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My wife knew.

She knew we almost had run out using money.

She knew we did not spend and use any money to live.

I thought once that It was better for my family to get other job and quite this internet business.

I was just I tried to quite. It was what I whould have had to do.

But I felt something staked on my thinking.

The thing was that I felt three times strenge thing but its truth was that we are alive to live here.

We got our names in each to live in the world.

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Anyway back to this contents again hrere.

I do not much beleive about any kind of spiritual thing in this world.

But this is fact for us about that we are alive for just once time, we did not have the sencethinking of we are born again after deth with this life.

I do not remeber of my life previous my life before.

So Also there is no truth of that our next life after death now , is going on like what we want in the future.

Yes. We are now right here.

We have to burn ourself with our life as best as we can.

I thought that so.

I could not take my dream and objecttive life thing away any more.

I decided to take a little step for my life to make it come true from now on.

Then I keep on doing strive.

I do not care about how much I am poor, I do not care about how they look down me more.

I just burn my life then I want give big infuluene to lots of people for chageing thme mind better to live.

So I invited my wife to dirink a few alcoholes at so chepest restaurant.

We did have only 5000 yen.

"So wel.... you realise and know we do not ohave money anymore right?"

My wife

"I just thought about myself more and more. I did not tke my dream away."

My wife

"So if you do not put up with this life with me. You can devorce with me right now."

My wife

"But I can not pay for living cost and for education cost to the baby now. But I will pay definetry later."

"So if you do not want to live like this so poor life now, you can just devoce with me."

My wife
"Yes. I will give the answer tommorrow. So let us drink tonight!"

I thought this night was gonna be a last time for us drinking together.

And alos it was gonna be bye my baby. Nore more I couls meet her and baby after this.

I guessed like that.

So next day.

She gave me a bank book.

I checked the saving money in it.

The money was pretty much to live for 3month more.

I asked her what it was.

She just said that we could be here more with this.

She used to be employee for 10 years more, so she had a bank acount of time deposit that is as constantly saveing money plan with the bank.

She gave all of the money to me.

She bet my life together.

I thought I was so stupid.

I had the partner who was striving so much for me like this.

I had to make her happy before I strive my dream.

How was I stupid?

I gotta make my family happier and then I am comletely on the way of walking on the road to my dream.

I cried hard. so hard and so much.

I decided I would not say any clean thing expression like for the people and the world.

All I had to do is to make my family happy in the first.

Then after that, I tried to strieve for my dream.

So I worked so hard as hard as I could for only money.

I made so much money then I and my family made so happy memories a lot.

And then I will strive for my dream!

I decided that so.

I was not good at selling my service and present to customers about my services.

But I went for it.

So I studied again and again every day to get my creative skill of making we site so much better.

I got a new job and then I finished it for a week.

I got lots of times that I could not sleep at nights.

So I made more web sites with copying html sorce lots of times and then I could create web site by myself little by little.

It took for 8 monthes since After she gave me her all money.

I got constantly money from my job.

It was not still enough money to go out and traveles around.

But our life was tidy like a people live usually.

I got more skills of creating even the all skills are only by myself.

So I thought next I gotta do for making more money with this job.

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