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I had been thinking about how I did have to do for my sale amount more bigger and bigger.

I got for 100000yen to 300000yen from customer when I completed to create web site.

If the web site paeges are increased a lot , I will be able to get more money.

But I had always thought what I had to do for getting the money like more 100000 to 500000yen.

If I kept doing like this working style , I need a lot of time to create.

So I gotta money and free time for my dream so I thought the way o making money was wrong.

If I kept on it, I did not strive for efforts for my dream.

About this term then, I had been thinking it was good for me about that if I develop to do program a system.

And I got inquiries from my customer about if I developed programing to build a systemnot.

The development system cost is supporsed to be 100 billions yen more.

It must be so higher money more than creating big web site.

Even if I could not get system development job with 10 billion yen.

I could get a system development job with price of 5 billions yen.

So I decided to started to study by myself about how to develop system with some programing language.

And I thought that I made my almost job automaticaly with the big system I developped to make more free time without any misstakes.

So I started how to do in the first.

I watched lots of movies on youtube so much every day.

But I did not understand what programing was.

I failed to get the skill of programing for three times.

Until this term I got some knowleges and skills by myself.

About dancing skill, spaking English while I was in Australia, creating website,SEO consulting, but in this time about programing was no suporsed to get me possible thought and skill.

About english skill was like I got better than Japanese who was there and had lived for 3 years more.

I did many things by myself.

So I tought I could had done programing as well.

But the system development programing problem stage was so higher to me.

I had no sleep for studing programing almost every night, so I checked lots of web site to check how to program and develop system as long as I could.

I felt just like taht I did not have any time to study it.

Because I gotta make some money for living.

I got like a so big confused fear in my mind.

I almost fed up with it on 4th times.

I got inquiry again from my customer about programing development system.

The customer wanted me to develop organazation system of employees work for per day in the system.

Of course I could not develop it in just then.

So I thought I had to rely on someone who develop system with web aplication programing language.

I searched it with internet searching, the searching word were "programer" self-employment" osaka".

Why I choiced these word was the reason was that I wanted to learn from him about how to program if he was ok.

I got just 2 searched result.

I called directory with the mobile phone number.

He got my call. he provabry I was strange guysomethingelse.

He got sick that he could not make his bady move with his thgout little by little.

So that he started to study programing by himself.

I immidiately met him. And then We two both were got good relationship each other.

So he said if I paid for just lunch to him, he would teach me how to do programing.

I thought there was a god in this world gain.

I realy thank for him and the destiny.

I replied him as quick as possible just right there.

So we started to program study time together.

By then I got so tattered car alomost looked jsut like broken, and looked like that was not supporsed to be able to drive.

So I drive him to his plae to pick up and then we went to my place for him to teach me the programing skill.

For 3 month later. I could development almost thing I had thought.

He suddenly did not get my call so I thgouht he was just in a busy.

But I did not try to make a call to him in naturaly while it was taking more time.

I felt so thank for him so much. I have never forget about his corporation to me.

The chance for me to meet him was got me from a god.

So I had tried to make my programing skill better day by day.

I finaly got constanly some internet system development job from other client.

The sales amount price was most mottom price 500000 yen in each job.

In this term was that we could travel with my family and felt little more relife about money for living.

And also in this term was that I live in pretty freedam to do whatever I want.

I got pretty free time and money with development jobs.

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