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I had been a programer for a few years.

I had some little risks of as programer and developement sysytem.

But I was realy happry with I could finally made it.

I got actually my money increased and expanded little more than before.

But I could not make any contraction of some development sysytem jobs of 30 millions yen10 millions yen.

I could not get any kind of the scale of development job.

I thought taht because of me? because of that I am self-employedsmall business ower?

I culculated some thimes and then I showed the quotation to the customer to know about how much it was.

But they all regreted with taking this.

Was is expensive?

But I did not think so. If the customer asked to other system development company about same thing , the cost would be higher and ore.

I finally could not get like this big development job by myself. But the experience that someone thinks bad , made me go better.

Because if I got like this much bigger development job, I gotta take care of it all the time. I could not have had free time for me to do anithing my dream.

And if I misstaked some system bugs on the main system of a company, I would have so onsuntrated every day untill fixed.

Big system , if it has a bug in somewhere of even one file, I gotta read so long program corde and sorce with tking long time.

I decied to try to develop one system which everyone can use and access to one system to edit and manage thme products and works.

So I decided not to develop any system of that was for only one company can use.

I started it since 2016.

It has been almost completed but I still put other plug in system in it, if I tought I need.

This system has been able to collected lots of users already and made some money to me, but it is still collecting more users day by day.

So if the system collected more users , I will have more free time to strive and thinks about my dream.

My money in each month is going to be so tidy to make.

So I have consuntrated to expande the system awareness in Japan.

Even I found some bugs of this system, I just fix one file then all users are not going to find same bug.

that means that I do not have to take care of lots of files and customers.

I fix just one system, everyone gose well.

So The system almost have been done in recent ,I decided to try to go for my dream.

Enogh is enough!

Then I thought that I have to be a super celebrty in all over the world!!

NEXT I gotta be a super celebrty!!

There are all reasons of why I do them right now! Please check out my back ground and my personal history here.