cafe bar Gやん(カフェ バー ジーやん)

Service contents

Attention about our service

We have typical service in japan.
And it is probabry not you have heard.

If you do not know and hear that.

So Please read this page contents to understand about our service.

What is charge price?

The charge is one of service price.
If you have a sheat here to drink.
You have to pay this and how much you have some drinks here.
This service is normally at lots of pub in Japan.
All pubs have a each charge sevice contents and price.
They all not same each pubs.
For Example Some pubs are needed charge price for per hour30 minits.
We also have charge service system.
If you understand about our charge service price contents.
Please have some drink here!

About our charge service

The charge price is 600yen in each cutomers.
So we provide some snacks as a service of it.
The snakcs are not same every day.
providing some snacks is just a service.
So sorry about that you can not choice.
If you do not like to have any snacks of charge service of us.
You do not have to have it.
But even if you do not like snacks. You have to pay once the charge price 600 yen.

Thank you for understanding!

Check our menu

Please check our services. Osaka Shinsaibashi Parfait and alcoholes drinks! We have space like good bar space! Osaka shinsaibashi!